Complete Review Of Tivoli Victoria Golf Resort

Tivoli Victoria Golf Resort is the 5 star deluxe initiated by the highly regarded Tivoli Group. Initiated in March 2009, it marks a unique development of Vilamoura experience. Panoramic views from the balcony of Tivoli Victoria Golf Resort are enough to take one’s breath away. The luxurious resort provides the guests rooms that are attached with a private, furnished balcony. Two outdoor pools and golf desk are the additional and the making-you-want-to-stay kind of facilities. A spa, also, includes in the facilities the Tivoli Group provides the guests with. The rooms of Tivoli Victoria Golf Resort are rated complete 5 stars for a reason; their interior is modern and decorated with warm colors. They all have a minibar attached, a luxurious sitting area for your hi-tea and a flat-screen TV. Some of the rooms have a kitchenette and those that do not have one, what is the resort’s 24/7 room service for? Tivoli Victoria gives the guests full access to the facilities of the resort, making their stay worthwhile.

This resort can fulfill your wish of combining a fantastic stay with some great golf. Tivoli Victoria Golf Resort is named so because of its specialty of the three luxurious golf resorts located at a walking distance from the hotel. One is designed by Arnold Palmer, named the Victoria Golf Resort. Second is the Millennium and third, the Laguna. This hotel specializes in golf, therefore has a private golf desk for every group or couple of visitors. These golf desks have exclusive changing rooms that directly give access to the Victoria Golf Course itself. The golfing facilities include special golf programs for the challenging players, special conditions for groups are provide and guests are given unlimited access to balls under the driving range of golf fields. To all the Vilamoura, the golf resort provides free transport and the parking service for the Victoria Gold Course is free and valet.

General reviews of guests who visited Tivoli Victoria are no lesser than 8/10 or even 8.8/10. Besides the golf course and golf desk facilities, what amazes the guests is the location and the subtle service of the resort management. The spa of Tivoli Victoria Resort features a huge indoor pool for adults, a sauna and line of 7 rooms for individual treatment. The resort’s Conference and Events Centre can cater up to a thousand people in 8 enormous rooms and the food is served is also of world-class quality.