Is The Porto Santo Golf Course Worth A Visit?

There are golf courses and then there is Porto Santo. For those who have been able to get the chance to play on the greens here, this is perhaps one of the finest golfing experiences that you will ever come across so far. There is so much that you can come to enjoy when you are playing on this turf, and perhaps it is because of this reason that you seriously need to ensure that you are able to get a visit to this particular golf course. It would be rather unwise to mention this and leave you flat without a good reason to spur your choices, so brace yourself for some amazing facts about Porto Santo.

  • Their newest course was designed by none other than the legendary Severiano Ballesteros. For those who know nothing about golf, this is just another fancy name, but if you are an ardent golfer, the exploits that Ballesteros has had on the greens are legendary, of folklore and tales that will live to be told for centuries to come. That is how amazing the allure of Porto Santo gets.
  • The course basically runs all the way from the island to the basalt cliffs, ebbing in dramatic fashion. This is the kind of course that you do not just come to if you want to play golf, but you come here when you want to enjoy the finer things in life, the luxury of playing on a turf that comes second to so few in this sport.
  • The way the Porto Santo golf course blends together a challenging course and a natural beauty leaves even the most ardent of golf players enthralled by the vast expanse of its beauty, the lush greens and the layout, which is carefully and architecturally crafted to swoosh in smoothly with the natural landscape. It is not just about play, because while this course was in design, there were careful considerations to ensure that minimal if not none at all, were the consequences that would be felt on the natural ecosystem and the environment around here.
  • Is it worth a visit? Well, with 18 holes in more than 6,400 expansive meters and a 72 par, you definitely have to find yourself here. There are two play zones, North Course and the South Course, with the former being the most challenging, since you will be basically playing on the top of cliffs.