Golf in Cold Weather: 5 Quick Tips for Dummies

If you are a true golfer, nothing can stop you from playing golf-not even the chill cold weather. You cannot make an excuse to yourself sitting at home for not going to the golf course when the cold winds are playing havoc on everyone. To make this beautiful sport easier for you in this weather, we are giving you some incredible tips. Utilize them to make the best of winter.

Use thermal wear

This is quite obvious but many golfers ignore this basic piece of advice. It is the primary requirement of winters. Invest in a good quality pair of thermal inner wear-both top and bottom. Good thermal wear are skin hugging and they fit tightly. Wear an appropriate size so that they do not end up hanging on your body or cling on your body too tightly. You can wear your clothing in layers over thermals. You will feel toasty even in cold weather.

In addition, wear one more pair of socks so that your feet also keep warm. You can wear some thin socks so that you do not feel much mass inside your shoes.

Keep your body naturally warm

You can keep your body warm by several methods:

  • Walk on the course rather than using a cart.
  • Wear a pair of gloves on your hands.
  • You can also put dry-chemical hand warmers in your pockets. They are very effective in keeping your hands warm.

Keeping your hands warm helps you to have more control over your golf clubs.

Maintain warmth for your golf ball too

Yes, you heard it right. Your golf ball needs warmth too. When the golf balls are cold, they do not travel far. It may affect as much as 3-5 yards per shot. And you would obviously not want to lose that much distance because of the air density. You can keep a ball in the pocket amid the holes. You have to play smart with weather. Do not hesitate to hit an additional club. You might need it.

Carry hot beverages

Carry any hot beverage you like in a thermos. Sipping herbal tea throughout the round of golf will keep your body warm. Try to avoid caffeine unless you are obsessed with it. Caffeine makes you nervy on the greens.

Have reasonable expectations

The muscles become stiffer because of cold weather as compared to warm climate. Your equipments also undergo some changes in cold. Your scoring average might increase because the golf balls do not travel far; your body movements become restricted and even the golf clubs do not behave well. The important thing is that you have not decided to quit golf. Thus, it is beneficial to have realistic targets. You will perform better in summers for sure if you play average in winters.