What To Expect From The Montado Golf Course

The Montado Golf Course is a great option to consider just a short distance from Lisbon. The course sits in a historical town that adds to its unique charm. The course features a number of challenges golfers will enjoy including water bunkers and a hole that sits alone surrounded by water. Here are 5 facts to know about the Montado Golf Course.

  1. The Montado Golf Course features a hole played on an island. The number 10 hole is a unique attraction that is surrounded by water. A number of golfers say this is one of the most adventurous plays they enjoyed when visiting the course.
  2. Few visitors agree the course is worth the visit and they enjoyed their time here. The course received high ratings for experience, fun, service and maintenance. Many say they felt the course was attractive, not too challenging and an overall beautiful and pristine course with high quality golfers look for.
  3. The Montado is located in a historical area close to Lisbon featuring most of its natural glory with a little remodeling. This gives the course a unique authentic aged look while being surrounded by terrain. The course has wide fairways and has a number of water areas. A good portion of the course features water with the eighth hole being a favorite to tackle at par-3.
  4. The Golf Course has a high level of difficulty rated by other players. Looking at the course there are plenty of hazard to work around with water alone being a significant hazard. Such areas help add to the overall scenery of the course, but as you study course layout you begin to see how much water can really affect how you plan strategy for different holes. Being accurate with shots is something to note and wide fairways can be tricky if the winds pick up.
  5. Affordable green fees with special weekend rates and golf lessons including an individual golf evaluation. If you visit the course during the week green fees are more affordable than weekend prices. There are golf lessons available for children and adults with several 50 minute sessions to choose from. You can also get a golf evaluation from a professional to access your abilities; this can be a great time to get tips on how to play the course based on your abilities.