Quick Golf Tips On Driving To Develop Your Skills And Abilities

Developing skills and abilities in golf is an ongoing effort. Even professional players maintain their skills by doing a few drills and practicing shots the same way as beginners. There are elements to consider when it comes to golf drive some players may not pay attention to. This could affect overall result of the swing and end result of where the ball moves. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working on your driving skills in golf.

  • Good swing movement should include getting the club into the air first and adding shoulder/hip movement with a slight turn. Some recommend having rotation in the hips can be helpful in giving your swing more power along with a good grip.

  • Begin your swing motion slowly and pick up speed as you complete your swing to make contact and follow through. Your swing motion should start slow and as you get closer to the ball you can pick up speed, but work on establishing good tempo.

  • As you come back to swing your leg should coil a bit (right leg). You may feel a bit of pressure which is normal but it also helps power your swing. This element should happen naturally as you swing. This should occur as the golf club is being brought up into the air on the upswing as you get ready to go into your downswing.

  • Be cautious about how your downswing starts. Think about where your backswing comes to an end. Your shoulders will change position with the left higher than your right (this is the opposite of how you started your swing). Doing this will help set your body up for the shot as power comes through as you make contact with the ball.

  • Ensure proper weight shift occurs with roughly 60 percent of your weight over your lead leg as you swing. You should feel weight shift occurring as you go into your backswing and downswing. You lead leg will have most of your weight while helping to keep you balanced through the shot.

  • Your left hip should line up with your left foot; this is an indication of a good swing. Pay attention to how your body lines up as you swing. When this occurs it shows good symmetry in keeping your body aligned to create a great swing.