A Simple Guide to Organize a Week-Long Golf Break in Algarve

A few tips from the experts are really useful

You must be one of those golf fans, who have been planning to go on a golf break since long. And finally, the big day has arrived. After all, a perfect golf break requires perfect planning. Obviously, a few things can go here and there. There is no point sticking to a strict plan and fuming over minor changes. Ultimately, the aim is to enjoy the vacation and the best time with your friends and family.

Get the appropriate mix of friends

Choose cousins and friends who get along well with each other. Not everyone wants to party hard till 4 a.m. or there may be some buddies who want nothing else but a can of beer all day in their hands. You must invite only like-minded souls to the vacation. There are high chances that they will nod their head for each other’s plans and you will still be friends when you go back home.

Hotel accommodation or a condominium

If you are going with a large group of friends, you must rethink about staying in a hotel. If you rent a condominium, the split cost might be much lesser than the daily tariff of the hotel. Moreover, if you like to have your meals at odd hours, you do not have to think about ordering food at restricted timings.

Tee timings

This is the most common mistake people commit while planning for a golf vacation. They forget to make reservations for tee timings. If you want to have a good tee time at a popular golf course, you must reserve your tee timings a few months before you plan to go. Yes, it’s true. Tee timings get reserved for prime times, months ahead of the beginning of peak season.

Afternoon tee timings

There is an advantage to book a tee time in the afternoon. If you have partied till 3 a.m. in the morning, it will get really difficult for you to wake up early and rush for a golf session. Book tee timings during the afternoon and you will get more time to doze off. Moreover, the hangover will also vanish by then!

Do not assume things

Your vacation deal might sound too good, and you must hope it is. But, do not forget to read between the lines. There are things you might assume, but they are not that flexible. For example, you might like to replay a golf session, but the golf course does not allow the same due to prior bookings. Thus, you must enquire about any such things you find yourself curious about.

Ask your friends

Some of your golfer friends might have gone to the place you are planning to go. Enquire them about their experience and any tips they might want to give you. This might prove really valuable.