Recommendations On How To Play Gramacho Golf Course In Algarve

Understanding the golf course is the key to good performance. In this regard, we’re sure those visiting the Gramacho Golf Course would be interested to know a thing or two about playing on this fantastic course.


Owned by Pestana, this well-liked course originally had only had 9 holes to begin. It was only later, after a well-planned re-design and restructuring, that it became an 18-hole, par-72 golf course. The architect was keen to use the natural vegetation – the carob, almond, and olive trees, to increase the natural beauty of the course. To perform well at Gramacho, you have to be accurate, technically sound, and good at picking the right club to play the right shot.

How to Play – 1st to 3rd

The course begins with a par-4, hole-1 that’s around 338-meters in length. There is a rock in the center, hence from the tee, hit a drive that lands just before the mark and employ a short iron for your second shot. Hole-2 has a cluster of sand bunkers close to the green. This is a 512-meters par-5 that climbs up from the tee. The next – hole-3 is a narrow par-4 that’s 339-meters. You’ll find this one easy to conquer if you hit straight off the tee.

How to Play – 4th to 6th

At just 186-meters long hole-4 might not look threatening, but it’s a very challenging hole. You need to hit an uphill putt to reach the pin. Hole-5 has a long and wide fairway; just keep in mind to stay to the left while playing the approach shot. The second par-5 of the course, hole-6 is wide at the center and narrower at the extremes. Players with accurate, straight drives will be rewarded here.

How to Play – 7th to 9th

You won’t have much trouble in the hole-7 which is a short par-3, 179-meters with a large green. The next – hole-8 is slightly crescent shaped. Keep the ball to the right with your drive on this hole. For hole-9, a curtailed drive to your left (in the case of right-handed golfers) will keep the ball in the fairway.

How to Play – 10th to 12th

A large lake adorns hole-10. It’s the smallest hole on the course. You’ll find a bigger water body bordering hole-11. Your drive must be accurate to escape the water at this hole. Hole-12 is slightly dog-legged par-5 with a sand trap protecting the green.

How to Play – 13th to 15th

Your next challenge will be hole-13 with a wide and open fairway and uphill green. This is an easy par-4 if you know how to hit a long and accurate drive. Hole-14 is a challenge to even the best golfers. Here the surface is uneven and there are plenty of sand traps to negotiate. Your control over the golf shots will be severely tested on hole-15. A slight error on this par-3 hole will see the ball landing in the water hazard.

How to Play – 16th to 18th

The next, hole-16 has an easy second shot, just make sure you hit the drive long and straight. Don’t try to hit over the bunkers; a good strategy would be to lay-up and take it from there. Hole-17 has a double bend. Start with an accurate drive; the second shot is easy. The final, hole-18 has a narrow fairway. You can have an easy shot at the green if you stay to the left.