An Effective Method To Hit Longer Drives On The Golf Course

It is the dream of every golfer to be bombing drives down the fairway and making easy birdies. However, most golfers are actually doing a lot of unnecessary things that are actually making them losing distance! Some of them work so hard on their strength, thinking that they would hit it longer. This is a common misconception though. Just think, you have less than half a second from the top of the backswing to impact – the human body can’t possibly generate that much power from you muscles! The reasons why the pros hit it so long is because they are extremely flexible and relatively strong. Here are a few things that you can do to hit longer drives.

Start downswing with hips

All good golfers start their downswing by rotating their hips. They do it so hard that they create a huge torque that can help them deliver a massive blow to the ball. That’s how they their drives over 300 yards. You can do the same if you start your downswing with your hips! You might not hit 300 yards, but it won’t be far off.

60% on the right at set up

This would help you shallow out the angle of attack and you can launch the ball very high with relatively less spin. That’s the recipe for big drives – high launch, low spin, as the ball would be travelling for longer in the air and it would be rolling more once it lands on the ground. One simple change in the set up could change it for you.

Try hitting draws

The problem with most amateurs is that they are hitting slices and that’s really losing a lot of distance! Instead, try and rotate your hands a little quicker. That would help with the release and you would soon begin to see a nice little draw. You would probably find yourself hitting hooks at first, but once you get the timing right you can do anything!

Sawn off your backswing

This is only good for those who are STRUGGLING with striking the ball consistently. Shortening your backswing would help with accuracy and you can hit the ball much more consistently. This helps in getting more distance. But if you are already hitting it pure then ignore this tip!