7 Reasons To Play The Quinta Do Vale Golf Course During Your Golf Holidays In Portugal

So why should you spend your money to play golf in Portugal? Simply Portugal, especially the Algarve area is just ideal for golf and everyone loves playing the game there. One of the best places to visit would be the Quinta do Vale Golf Course and it would make your holiday worthwhile. Here are 7 reasons why you MUST visit the place and enjoy everything they have to offer.

Beautiful course

The course is just simply amazing – even though it’s rather difficult, considering the fact that the front nine is completely exposed, it provides a fair challenge to golfers at all levels.

Designed to compliment

One of the major businesses of the management there would be the property, but the golf course was designed to compliment the houses there, and that makes the visit to the course very pleasant. It’s likely that everyone would love it there! But don’t be too risk on your golf shots!

Great designer

If you play golf then you would know the late Seve Ballesteros, who was a golfing legend and a European icon. He’s the designer of Quinta do Vale, so if you like Seve then you should certainly visit the course and test out the challenge that he has offered to thousands of golfers there.

Parkland and Heathland combination

There aren’t many golf courses that can offer you this. But a parkland and heathland can course make things very interesting and it would take all your skills to master it. Indeed, the challenge would be very hard to complete!

Unique holes – ALL 18

Yes that’s correct. All 18 holes are unique and you wouldn’t have to play a hole with similar design. Let’s be honest, there are few courses that can claim that and Seve has done a great job in creating a great golf course. That’s probably why he’s a golfing legend and a talented designer!

Great value for money

Even though you have to travel all the way to Portugal, the course is known for its value for money! For such a great golf course, you are not really paying that much to play it. You would agree after your trip!

Tune up your game

With a great team of professional and practice facilities, you could be using your holiday as a training camp! If you are dedicated enough, you could even be lowering your handicap. It’s pretty ideal, isn’t it?