5 Quick Tips For Improving Your Pitching Skills

Pitching is a half-swing shot beginner golfers tend to struggle with. One of the main aspects to remember is to keep your backswing short. This helps you develop more accuracy to ensure solid contact. A shorter backswing also encourages more power through the swing and follow through. Most golfers will have a target line for their club head to travel, but you still need to focus on a few other elements to help you create the perfect pitch shot. Here are 5 quick tips to consider when improving your pitching skills.

  1. Consider ball position for your shot and set up for it accordingly. This element tends to change depending on the shot. Bring the ball forward in your stance if hitting the ball high and bring it back further in your stance for lower shots.
  2. Hinge wrists as club comes back as shoulders turn. As you do this you should maintain control of motion. When you swing you should have consistent movement and smooth motion as you follow through after making contact. The wrist hinge action helps you maintain your grip and club position as you move in to hit the ball.
  3. As you swing back bring club half way with toe of club facing upward. This sets you up for good loft to get the ball airborne. In other words, your backswing will be shorter. Think about a full backswing, but as you go into one you would stop half way or in the middle of a full backswing.
  4. As you make impact you should turn as you are making your shot. Wrists should stay firm through point of impact. As you come in to hit the ball aim to hit downward. These elements help you get the ball airborne, but when you complete the shot and you don’t get the result you were looking for, consider making a change to how you swing and how the club head makes contact. This element may take some practice.
  5. As you turn toward the target your belly button should be faced in the same direction. This helps you determine if you are following through your shot correctly when you bring your club back at the halfway mark before making impact with the ball. When you think about the swing motion consider your arms are making a half circle from when your backswing begins.