How To Hold The Club When Hitting A Flop Shot?

Golf is a very versatile game with a lot of shots that are used in different scenarios. Every shot is suitable for certain scenarios and one cannot play a shot with his own will but according to the requirement. There are different shots like Chip Shots, Putt Shots, Pitch Shots, Flop Shots and many other shots. When you are in the green zone and obstacles lie between you and the target hole, you have to play a flop shot. Flop shot is played when the distance between you and the target hole is small, it is not a long range shot. For flop shot, you need a projectile shot which stops after spinning a few times once landed. Here are the steps which are necessary if you want to play a successful flop shot.

  1. The first step is to know the distance between you and the target hole. If the distance is somewhere between 50 and 75 yards, you can go for a flop shot.
  2. The second important step is selecting a club. For a Flop Shot, the most suitable club is the 60 degrees lob wedge club. You cannot go for some other club if you are planning on playing a Flop Shot.
  3. You have to visualize an imaginary line between you and the target hole. The Flop Shot does not require any swing so, if your imaginary line is accurate and you follow it with high accuracy, you will accomplish your target hole but if your imaginary calculation is wrong, the result will be the exact opposite of the previous result.
  4. The standing position for a flop shot is different than all other shots. You should stand such that the ball position is aligned with your back foot. Once done, bend your knees a little and play the shot.
  5. Hitting requires a different technique when it comes to a Flop Shot. You have to hit the ground beneath the ball when hitting a flop shot. This will make the ball move aerially.
  6. You have to calculate the power of your swing which is totally dependent on the distance between the ball and the target hole.
  7. The final step is just reassuring your posture before you hit the ball. Have a look at your stance, bend your knees 5 times which will give you confidence and release the pressure if any exists. After that, you should hit the ball.