What to Know about Pestana Dom João II Villas & Beach Resort

There are courses in Portugal that you visit once and wish you never miss an opportunity to come there again in your lifetime. These are courses that have been properly designed, some by the best designers in the world of golf, others by golf architecture legends. When you come to play on courses like these, there is also a good chance that you will need an awesome place for accommodation. This is where resorts like Pestana Dom João II Villas & Beach Resort come in handy.

Over the years there are so many people who have had the chance to come and play golf, and later on experience an awesome time at the Pestana Dom João II Villas & Beach Resort. This is one of those resorts that you visit and never want to go anywhere again. Such is the beauty that will surround you when you are here, and truly, yours will be an incredible holiday experience.

The following is an open review about the main features of the Pestana Dom João II Villas & Beach Resort that will attract you:

  • Awesome amenities
  • Family friendly services
  • Good list of things to do
  • Easily accessible

Awesome amenities

You have all the facilities that you will ever need in a resort right here. Whether you need to urgently use your ATM or if you want to visit the bar/lounge, you will enjoy all the services that you want right here without having to worry about any inconveniences.

Family friendly services

Everyone who comes here is able to enjoy some comfort and convenience. This is important, so that everyone has an incredible time. For family visitors, you can certainly enjoy the presence of in-room child care, infant beds, and child care or a babysitting service available for visitors.

Good list of things to do

When you come to the Pestana Dom João II Villas & Beach Resort, you can rest assured that you will never run out of things to do. Other than golf, you can also go scuba diving, make good use of the playground available on site, use the bicycle rentals or even play miniature golf.

Easily accessible

Easy access is one of the key benefits of using the Pestana Dom João II Villas & Beach Resort. You need to have easy access to all the other facilities and amenities that you will need, like access to the airport.