What Makes The Paço Do Lumiar Golf Course Worth A Visit?

A stunning lake view and full service practicing facilities are not the only reason the Paço do Lumiar golf course is such a popular choice for tourists in Portugal. The course is shorter than most and caters specifically to those who like a quick challenge before returning to the beach or their hotel rooms. If you’re a beginner, take a look at some of the features. See for yourself how well worth the visit the Paço do Lumiar golf course is.

A short course

The course is quite a short one. Not only because it only has nine holes, but because those holes are not very long either. There are seven par-3s and two par-4s that make up the course. This is one of the reasons it appeals to so many amateurs who are still learning the basics of course navigation. Par-3 holes are especially easy to play because they expose the player’s errors quite clearly and show you what you should work on. The two par-4s give a bit more of a challenge and develop patience and strategy in newer players.

Very large bunkers

But there is one area where a challenge does come in. The course presents some large bunkers which are sometimes difficult to avoid. Since the Paço do Lumiar golf course appeals to newer players, they are sure to struggle a little with bunkers if they haven’t perfected their approach shots.

Great for practice

There are also some well-kept training sections at the Paço do Lumiar golf course. These include a driving range as well as a chipping course for a few practice shots before a game. There is also a putting course which will offer some much needed practice for those tricky greens. This is one more appeal to those who are playing the course as beginners and need a quick polish before starting.

Overall, the Paço do Lumiar golf course is a great course for amateur golfers who want to sharpen their teeth on par-3 holes. Then they will be met with a bit of a challenge when coming to the two par-4 holes which will stretch their strategic thinking a bit further. Come and spend the day at this course and enjoy a few practice swings and a game or two. If you get hungry, choose from the clubhouse menu and enjoy a drink with your friends at the end of the day.