What Are The Best 5-Star Hotels For A Golf Vacation In Faro?

Looking to enjoy a good time in Portugal when you are planning your golf escapade? In such a scenario, you will need to make sure that you have at least one or two things in mind before you can settle on a good location for your holiday. A lot of players will attest to the fact that when they come here, they always have to get the best hotels so far.

A good hotel, particularly a 5 star hotel in Faro will be a good idea, because it will make it easier for you to have a good time when playing, and get you the best rest too. You want to make the most of your stay in Portugal when you are playing in Faro, and this is why you need to get some of the best golf hotels available here so far. The following are some of the most important options that you should look into as you are planning your holiday:

  • Hotel Eva
  • Hotel Monaco
  • Hotel Sol Algarve
  • Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto

Hotel Eva

When you book the Hotel Eva, think about an amazing rooftop pool access, sauna, health club and a Turkish bath and you are good to go. The rooms are spacious, and when you feel tired, you can take some time and enjoy the day spa.

Hotel Monaco

One of the reasons why lots of people love this particular hotel is because of the free parking area that is available, and the fact that they offer you free airport shuttles. Therefore you do not have to worry about missing your flight, or not having someone to pick you up.

Hotel Sol Algarve

Sol Algarve is one of the standout hotels just in case you want to be within the town center. You have a 5 minute walking distance between the hotel and the train station. You can also get to enjoy a good time, dining on their courtyard, and savor the beauty of the city. Even the yacht marina is just a few minutes away.

Hotel 3K Faro Aeroporto

Only 3 kilometers from the Faro beach, there is nothing more that you can ask of this and not get it. This is one of the most ideal locations that you need to think about when you are planning your trip to Faro. You will barely go wrong with this one, and you will surely have the time of your life here.