5 Secrets For Eliminating Duffed Shots From Your Golf Game

Duffing the ball (hitting it too low) during chipping will give your golf ball a mind of its own, allowing it to go in all sorts of directions. You will also lose control of the distance you want to achieve. So how can you learn to stop duffing the ball? There are five important checks to make in your setup—here they are.

  1. Get a good grip of your club handle
  2. The first setup point is to check where you are holding the club handle. If it’s too high, you will lose a lot of control. Take your grip slightly lower and you will immediately feel more in control of the club. Remember, a chip shot won’t need to travel very far; so opt for control over power to avoid duffing.

  3. Avoid snapping your wrist too much
  4. A ship shot doesn’t require much wrist movement. Hold your club stiff in your grip and swing as if it’s an extension of your right arm. In fact, your chip shot will resemble more of a long putt. A common cause of duffing chip shots is being too flexible in the wrist.

  5. Place more weight on the left foot
  6. Your knees should bend to the left of the shot and most of your weight should be on the left foot. This does not change throughout the chip shot. If you treat this shot like a normal iron swing, you will very likely duff or top the ball.

  7. Stand with the ball slightly back of centre
  8. The ball should also not be directly in the middle of your stance. Your chip shot needs to be controlled. If it is too far forward in your stance, you will hit it too hard and overshoot your target. Because the bottom half of your body will be twisted left, you need to accommodate for this by standing one or two inches in front of the ball.

  9. Keep your stance stable
  10. Throughout the swing, be careful not to move your body too much. Your arms should be the only parts to move. Let your elbows do the flexing, not your wrist. With a straight, slow stroke, the ball will gently land where you want it without making a divot in the ground. Trust your club to do what it was designed to do. Take your chipping nice and slow. Rushing will only end in regret.