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How Much Do You Have To Pay For A Round Of Golf In Portugal?

Understanding how much you will pay for a round of golf in Portugal depends on various factors. You may find deals and discounts on lower rates if you travel to the region during the week. Yet, there are golf courses offering special weekend rates as well. Don’t forget about golf clubs and those with membership opportunities for more savings. Depending on when you visit the area such as time of year or off-season, you may find great rates for golf rounds. For example, in the Lisbon area you can play a round for as low as 39 euros. Here are tips to help you learn more about tee times and green fees in Portugal.

Compare Golf Courses and Services

To get a better idea of what you will pay for a round of golf in Portugal is to compare options. There are sites online offering a list of comparisons based on city. For instance, if you want to visit Algarve you can find a list of golf courses in the region along with an estimated rate per round. You can also learn about golf courses in the area you plan to visit and contact them about their green fees.

Visit Portugal with a Golf Package

Another way to learn how much you may pay for a round of golf in Portugal is to purchase a golf package. Some golf courses work with travel agents, hotels and resorts to offer packaged deals. They may include reduced green fees or you may get a discount on golf rounds when you reserve tee time. Golf packages are available for various destinations in the country. You can focus on options near or where you want to visit.

Popular Destinations Aren’t the Only Options Offering Great Deals

It is common for people to visit popular travel destinations in Portugal. Yet, there are other places nearby these cities that can be just as exciting. Many top destinations will have large crowds in the city and more traffic. But, consider smaller cities near popular destinations. Some golf courses are located near countryside areas or away from big cities. This could help you save money if you want something low key or where you can enjoy more of nature without too much noise. Learn about areas surrounding major cities for more opportunities to enjoy your trip.