Golf Tips on How to Hit Long-Distance Shots from Downhill Lies

Hitting the golf ball a long distance is a challenge even from a flat lie – but it is very challenging when you have to play from a downhill lie. A downhill lie is one that is sloped down toward the target. When this is the case, it is easy to lift up out of the shot during the downswing leading to poor contact and a shot that misses the target. In order to hit a long shot accurate from this kind of lie, you will need to stick to your fundamentals and make a quality swing to strike the ball properly.

Try using the following quick tips to improve your performance on long shots from a downhill lie –

  • Stay in your stance. This is by far the most-important element to hitting good shots from downhill lies. Instead of standing up out of the shot and losing your balance, focus on maintaining the flex in your knees all the way into impact. This can be a particular challenge for players who struggle with sliding from side to side during their swings. Stay on balance and focus on rotating rather than sliding along with the slope.
  • Eyes on the ball. The simple tips are often the best, and in this case you need to remember to keep your eyes down on the ball in order to make solid contact. When you are playing from a downhill lie, it is easy to be tempted to look up early and see where the shot is going – but that will only lead to trouble. Focus on making sure your eyes remain on the ball until it has left the face of the club and you should gain consistency in your ball striking from this difficult lie.
  • Take plenty of club. Swinging hard off of a downhill lie is a recipe for disaster – you want to be making a controlled swing that you don’t have to force in order to reach the target. With that in mind, take plenty of club to cover the distance you are facing so you don’t need to force the swing with extra power. Choose enough club and make a comfortable swing with the primary focus being on balance and solid contact. When you take this approach, the long distance shot from a downhill lie will become just a little bit easier.