Long Game Setup Essentials: Free Golf Instruction

A proper setup is a must in golf. No matter if you are playing a short game, long game, putting, or any other golf game type, your posture, setup, position of the ball, and the swing, all are important for the ball to land up in the hole.

When talking about a long game of golf, many golfers use the incorrect setup. There are numerous ‘regular’ golfers who keep their hands too low or keep the club too high up in the air. Other that this, there are various other mistakes that golfers commit, when it comes to playing a long game of golf. And, this is not the fault of golfers, as there are countless wrong ways and right ways to swing your golf club.

However, there are some essential points that you must keep in mind, while playing golf. Our free golf instructions will make you aware about some of the long game essentials for an accurate setup.

  1. Right setup
  2. Keep your body flexed and your arms relaxed. Position the ball in such a way that it is just in front of the lowest point of your swing arc.

  3. During impact
  4. At the time of impact, like your setup three things remain the same. These are your left arm, your shoulders, and your head. Besides these, everything else will change because of the rotational movement as per your swing.

  5. Change your impact position
  6. Remember to move your lower body at the time of impact, that is you need to change your setup position during impact. As mentioned earlier, just your shoulders, your head, and your left arm will remain in the same position, rest everything else will move.

  7. Lower body rotation
  8. You must rotate your lower body for a good impact position. In this, your shoulders should remain square, hips should be opened, hands should be over your left leg, and the shaft must lean towards the target. No matter whatever you do, you must not try to hit the shot from your setup position, because it never works.

  9. Practice
  10. You can practice this setup in front of a mirror, so that you know if you are doing it correctly or not. This will also help you to see where you are going wrong and thus allow you to bring in the right changes in your posture as per your faults, in turn improving your setup.

These long game setup essentials will make your long game simpler and easy to understand, so that you can make controlled, smooth swings that will improve your natural golfing abilities.