Golf Tips For Starters: 5 Keys To The Perfect Swing

You have to think about the golf swing as a mechanical element. You need to practice your swing in order to obtain favorable results. It helps to have a basic technique for your swing. As you get better with the process you can play around and change certain aspects that make up your swing for variation of results. There are basic elements you should keep in mind that will give you favorable results no matter what shot you are taking on the course. Such elements can be changed or adjusted depending on how you want to ball to travel after contact.

  1. Feet and shoulders should be in good position. A good swing starts with your body being in a good position. Some parts of the body play more important roles than others. In this case, your feet and shoulders help you achieve good balance throughout the swing motion. Pay attention to your stance and how wide your feet are open. Your shoulders should be in a good position that will make it easy for you to swing while still keeping your eyes on the ball.
  2. Create a solid backswing that is in line with your stance. You may need to visualize this for a moment before you attempt the shot. Many golfers find their stance can help them achieve a good backswing motion that is in sync with the path the ball needs to take. This also helps your club head travel on an even plane.
  3. Keep your club parallel to the ground when you go into your downswing. This element can help you retain your balance as you go from your backswing to your downswing. This element is important as it helps you keep your head and shoulders in place to keep an eye on the ball as you come in to make contact.
  4. Make sure you bend your knees slightly. Some golfers may not agree with this point, but for others it has helped them tremendously. You may want to consider bending your knee as you come in to make contact with ball.
  5. Ensure you have a solid but balanced follow-through. Your follow-through is the point at which solid ball contact has been made but the ball is in flight or rolling across the green. This means your arms, shoulders and hips follow behind as your club goes into an upswing.