Golf Bunker Play Essentials: 5 Tips That Will Help You Save Par

Saving par is something many golfers struggle with when playing in a bunker. There are times it is a matter of understanding how to approach the situation with good mental attitude. You may need to make some changes to how you setup for the shot. Just making a few small changes can make a big difference. Even though it helps to have a few tips to give you an idea of what to focus on, you should remember to practice your technique overtime to see improvement. Here are 5 tips to help you save par on your next bunker shot.

  1. Work toward striking the sand and the ball at the right angle. Many golfers think they need to hit the ball as hard as they can out of the sand or area the ball rests. Instead, if you do this you may end up making things worse. Hitting at the right angle allows you to control club head speed and give the ball additional push to move out of the rough or sand.
  2. Make some changes to your setup depending on where you are taking the shot from. Your setup may change if you are taking your shot in the sand versus the grass. The sand may require more balance so your stance may be wider or narrower depending on how the ground is leveled. Plus, it depends on where your ball landed from where you are taking the shot from.
  3. Get the ball further back in your stance. You may need to consider this aspect depending on how far you are trying to hit the ball. Getting the ball closer to you may help you get more distance.
  4. As you address the ball your lead foot should help you begin to approach the ball. What your body positioning and alignment. Some golfers may consider this element depending on the position of their spine. If you are in a good position your lead foot will help you make solid contact and you move and swing toward the ball.
  5. Follow through in the direction you want the ball to exit. As you swing through you will continue to have your club and your arms move in the same direction as the ball once it is in flight.