Golf Instruction: 5 Things You Should Do To Improve Your Driving

If you are looking to improve your driving, there are a few instructions that can help you overcome this challenge. First of all you have to be willing to practice and keep practicing for as long as possible until you get it right. Increasing your distance with the driver is one of the most demanding tasks that you can get yourself to think about. As a matter of fact the length off the tee is one of the most highly regarded abilities that golfers desire to have, so much that most amateur golfers end up bragging about it. If you are tired of struggling with this, the following instructions will surely come in handy for you.

Learn the fundamentals

The first thing that you will realize about golfing is that as long as you have a sound fundamental swing, you will be able to hit the ball further than if you do not. The biggest inefficiency in this regard normally is in the set up and the swing, and this ends up costing you the yard advantage that you seek whenever you are playing.

Improve your technique for the big drives

Once you have perfected your swing and set up and you are confident that you have a fundamentally sound swing, you can then move on to make adjustments on your technique. Try learning a few moves like using a wider stance instead of the normal stance so that you get stable at the base, and at the same time to ensure that you get more resistance for the backswing.

Improving your strength

Fitness and flexibility are important when you are trying to improve your distance with the driver. To be precise, you have to be fit and flexible so that you are able to handle this appropriately. The importance of being flexible and fit lies in the fact that if you are not flexible enough, you will definitely struggle with getting a complete shoulder turn on the backswing since you cannot compensate elsewhere.

Custom fitted drivers

Take your time and get a specialist to measure your drives and suggest a good combination of shaft flex, club loft, weight and anything else that is important. Getting a custom fit will definitely help you make the best drivers.

Clear your mind

The most important thing about this game is that it demands a higher level of focus. You will get the perfect drive when you are free from too much body clutter or if your mind is not preoccupied.