Golf Secrets: 5 Things You Might Not Know About Sand Traps

Sand traps are a huge part of the game that you cannot avoid. However when you are playing it would be awesome if you were able to avoid the sand traps on the course at all costs. If you land on the sand trap, chances are high that you will have set yourself back by some shots and points too. For those who do not have the mettle to deal with the challenge that is presented by these traps, it becomes even worse, because the dip in confidence could be so serious you will struggle to make it back on you best game for the day.

Since these traps are an integral part of the game, the following are some useful ideas that you can think about, which will go a long way in helping you perfect your game play when you encounter sand traps:

  • Sand traps differ

  • You do not have to hit the ball

  • Balance is key

  • Watch out for furrows

  • The right swing

Sand traps differ

Here is one lesson that you will need to remember for the rest of your life as long as you are playing golf; there are no two sand traps that will ever be the same. Even if they are all on the same course, and they somehow look identical, rest assured that each of them is different and you must approach them uniquely.

You do not have to hit the ball

Perhaps a lot of beginner players do not yet understand this, but when you are playing the sand trap, you do not necessarily need to hit the ball. At times all you have to do is to strike the sand just underneath the ball and it will lift the ball in the air.

Balance is key

This is the worst possible place for you to lose your balance. It is also one of the things that all sand traps have in common – you must stay balanced or topple on or in the process of the shot.

Watch out for furrows

Naturally most of the sand traps that you will come across are smoothened out. However, there are some that are furrowed, so you have to be keen as you play on these courses.

The right swing

Make sure that you swing just right. If you do not swing properly, the ball might not even leave the sand trap in the first place. If you swing too hard, it might leave and land in another.