A Few Ideas on How to Choose the Right Golf Ball

An essential tip for beginners includes having a good golf ball. Many players, new and advanced, do not realize you need to select the right ball. Too many players focus on other types of equipment such as golf shoes and clubs. Not to say these are not important; it is just an element such as a good golf ball seems to get overlooked. In short, the right ball may help you get better scores. This may be just as effective as getting those pricey golf clubs you’ve always wanted. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right golf ball.

  • Know your level of play. If you are a beginner or an advanced player you should have an idea of how you play. For instance, a beginner may benefit from a ball that can give them more distance. For advanced players, you may benefit from a ball that can help you gain more control when taking shots.
  • Know the different types of balls available. Each ball is known to have properties that vary. Some balls offer more distance, while others make it challenging to cut. A handicap golfer may consider what is called a three-piece ball which offers more spin and control upon taking shots.
  • Other factors of golf balls to consider include softness and compression. If you tend to hit the ball with shorter distance, consider a ball with short compression (roughly 60 to 70). If you hit farther you would want a ball with compression at close to 100.
  • Check golf ball reviews and ratings. This is a great option if you are not sure which ball to get or you want to learn more about a certain one. You can learn results of what other players are experiencing. Such sites offering this information may provide in-depth details on certain balls and why they are best for your play level. Doing this may help the selection process become easier for you.
  • The best ball with be an option that fits best with your irons. Think about balls golfers your play level commonly plays with. You should also consider how the ball plays with your putter of choice. Skilled players may benefit from a ball that gives lower spins since you can control it better with your iron and your swing.