Simple Advice On Learning To Play Golf Without Lessons

Few pro golfers have done well in golf but got their start without lessons. The game of golf may look easy but eventually you may want lessons to improve your game. This doesn’t mean you need lessons right off the bat to play, but there are things you can do to get started in golf. It depends on what you want to know and how often you want to play. The good news is there are plenty of tips for players who want to get started that are easy to follow. Here are some points to consider if you want to begin playing golf without lessons.

  • Get tips from someone experienced such as a coach or skilled friend. Someone who is experienced will have an idea of where they should start as a new player while offering basic insight on the game. You may even get tips on where to go to for lessons when you are ready to take them.

  • Consider online golf tutorials with videos and detailed instruction, including online lessons. These offer additional insight on a wide selection of skills. Reputable sources will also have tips and advice from pro golfers.

  • Get plenty of practice with your setup. There are video tutorials and step-by-step articles offering insight on how to establish proper golf setup. This is a significant part of any play strategy and it may vary just a bit depending on the hole and distance the ball will travel.

  • Know how to grip your iron properly. Good golf grip helps establish control of your golf swing and distance control of the ball. Poor grip can result in missed shots or the ball not traveling as far as it needs to go toward the target. It is also important to have good grip pressure. You should hold your club too tight. Try to relax and avoid tension building up in your hands and arms.

  • Establish proper alignment with your target. Use alignment sticks and a friend to assist you. Good alignment ensures the ball will travel toward its intended target. Plus, the clubhead of the iron will help the ball line up if the iron is following its swing plane properly.

  • Keep your swing consistent on the swing plane. Having a consistent stoke ensures solid contact with the ball. There are golf drills to look into that can help improve swing ability.