The Main Features Of The Aroeira Golf Club

Aroeira Golf Club boasts a slightly more high-end course that has been complimented as one of the best golf courses in all of Europe. It contains many golfing challenges, but a scenery and atmosphere that more than make up for the difficulty of each hole. Here are five things you should know before playing this course.

  1. Some narrow greens
  2. Some of the holes have very narrow greens with trees on both sides. You may want to work on shooting straight to do well on this course. Distance control is also important for the odd dogleg and at certain points you may want to hit low in order to miss the trees that protrude over the course high up.

  3. Water hazards have odd shapes
  4. Not only are the water hazards large, but they have peculiar shapes that seem to stalk your ball. Aim is of utmost importance to get past these water hazards so practice as much as you can before coming. Also watch out for the wind as it may assist the lakes in swallowing your ball.

  5. Strict rules
  6. The club has some very strict rules that you will be expected to adhere to. One is the dress code which must maintain full golfing attire—from shoes all the up to shirt and hat. Make sure you also book early because the club shows preference to members—of which there are approximately 500. Be sure to show proper golf etiquette when running into other players and to be as polite to them as they are to you.

  7. Sometimes windy
  8. To add to the challenge of this course, wind sometimes plagues players who are inexperienced with countering windy conditions. The course is close to a beach area and wind is not uncommon to the course—especially during summer months.

  9. Pine trees
  10. You not only have to watch out for tall pine trees, but remember that pine needles also cover the outer areas of the course. If you happen to hit your ball off the green, prepare for a tough time getting away from that pesky straw-like blanket.

Don’t let the challenging factors of this course put you off. It’s a great course to play and the club itself will treat you like royalty. So if you find the means to visit, do so soon and enjoy one of the most fabulous clubs in all of Portugal.