5 Basic Golf Swing Tips That Will Make Your Game Better

A good golf swing is important for any golfer no matter their skill level. This is something you continue to work on overtime and see improvement. Every so often you may find yourself not getting the results you want. Your swing could be the key component to upgrade to help you make better shots. Here are 5 simple tips to help you get results with your golf swing.

  1. Achieve good balance. If you don’t have good balance you won’t be able to hold the club or swing in manner most appropriate for the shot you are taking. You can practice your swings by standing on a log. This gives an idea of how to position your feet and understanding weight shift as you swing your club. When you are able to swing with good balance on the log you should do better on the ground.
  2. Define your method for a one-piece takeaway. This means your body and hands should work together and be in sync. Your shoulders should help you move your club or your chest. Just don’t rely on your hands to do all of the work.
  3. Maintain a solid tempo. In many cases golfers make swings that are too fast, but if you are too slow your end result can be just as disastrous. A good tempo helps you keep your club face, hands and body in line with proper weight shift. You can practice making swings by vary your tempo to see the difference in how your body reacts.
  4. Be relaxed. Some golfers swing too hard because they have tension or anxiety. When you swing it helps to think about a half circle or semi-circle. When you swing you want to make a nice curve with a solid plane your club head travels on. The more relaxed you are the more likely you will be flexible and be able to follow through with your swing completely.
  5. Think about your swing before you do it. Visualize the action and think about your body position. You need to think about the shot you want to make before hitting the ball. Try not to be so perfect about the ball going in the hole. Be realistic in the manner you feel you can actually complete to approach your shot to the best of your ability. You can use these visualization points to help you practice.