How to Get Rid of a Slice Forever Effective Golf Tips

If you are constantly slicing your ball, chances are it’s usually to the right. There are many reasons for this—some obvious, and others not so obvious. However, if you can learn to control both body and mind during your swing, you will soon overcome the difficulties you’re having which are causing you to make this mistake.

Work on your grip

A weak grip is a major cause of slicing. The evidence of this can be seen in the exact moment the clubface hits the ball. If the clubface has turned in any way, it’s a result of your grip not remaining constant throughout the backswing all the way through to the forward swing.

A grip has to do with hands and arms. (Arms will be discussed in the third paragraph) Your hands should have a strong grip that doesn’t allow the handle to slip, slide, or turn in any direction. A tight grip will ensure consistency in your swing.

Put traps out of your mind’s eye

Sometimes the biggest hindrance is in your mind. If you are making a shot and your target has a bunker or a water hazard to the left of it, you may subconsciously compensate in your swing and mess up your aim. This is quite common, but totally unnecessary. Try and block those traps out of your mind and just focus on your aim. If you aim correctly and trust yourself, you will hit the ball exactly where it needs to go.

Relax your left arm

A great tip you may not have heard from your instructor is that your clubface actually has an additional purpose when you make a swing. The clubface acts as a weight during the downswing and should ever so slightly pull your club downwards by the time it strikes the ball. However, the only way your club can perform this function is if your left arm is relaxed enough to let it do so. For this reason, use your left arm as an extension to the club, but keep it relaxed to that it can drop down at the right time.

Aim straight

It may seem silly, but the ball curving to the right may not have anything to do with swing at all. Have you checked whether you are aiming correctly? On a golf course with lots of slopes, it’s easy to fall prey to an optical illusion that makes you aim too far right. Take note of this next time and address where necessary.