The Top 10 Golf Courses In Portugal To Test Your Long Game On

Everyone loves a bit of a fair challenge on his or her long game in golf and that’s certainly normal. Just think of hitting driver on every hole and then hitting a 4-iron onto the green. That’s pretty cool and you can certainly show off your skills in front of your buddies. However, there aren’t many courses in the world that allow you to do that. More often, the courses are rather short and friendly to all golfers. But your goal is to play a long course and test your skills. If you were planning to do that, it would be a good idea for you to visit Portugal and you can certainly find out what you are capable of right there.

As you may be aware, Portugal is home to some of the best courses in the world. The Algarve area is even known for its amazing golf resorts! Many people choose to visit the country just to play a round, so you know it’s really something special over there. The Iberian coastline certainly offers beautiful scenery for the common golfers, but for those who are looking for a challenge, the wind and difficult conditions will also prove to be a true test of skills and resilience.

Testing your long game doesn’t mean you need to go on a long course, it could be a combination of size of fairways and length – so choose the best combination for your own game. For your own reference, here are 10 golf courses in Portugal that can seriously challenge your game:

  1. Monte Rei Golf & Country Club
  2. Troia Golf Club
  3. San Lorenzo Golf Club
  4. Oceanico Old Course
  5. Oitavos Dunes Golf Club
  6. Onyria Palmares Golf Club
  7. Quinta Do Peru Golf Club
  8. Praia D’el Rey Golf and Country Club
  9. Quinta Do Lago Golf Club
  10. Belas Golf Club

These golf courses are basically distributed across Portugal, so whenever you feel like it, you can just pop around one of them and just give your long game a little bit of a challenge. They are obviously a mixture of long and short courses, but you must be very accurate; otherwise, you should be expecting to hit another ball! Before you take on the challenge, make sure you have spent enough time on the practice range first!